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Fully Customized Workout Program

- Gym

- Dumbbell

- Resistance Bands

- Suspension Trainer (TRX)

- Body weight

Nutrition Plan

- Calorie and Macro set up

- Customized Meal Plan that you can use as a guide

- supplement recommendations


- Weekly check ins

- 24/7 chat support via Viber

- accountability calls (optional)

Video Demonstrations of each exercise included in your personalized program.

My Ebook of Fitness Made Simple

- Why exercise is important

- Why building muscle is important

- Basic principle on how to build muscle

- Understand the basics on how to lose and gain weight

Be part of a VIBER community where you will be getting exclusive content from myself on workouts, food hacks, and lifestyle.

Before we start with your program, we will be scheduling a 5-10min video call to talk about expectations, goal setting, and get to know each other a little bit so we can work better together moving forward.

Hit the GET STARTED to fill out the client form. I will be messaging you you through Viber or iMessage once I receive it :)

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